There Is No Earth B
There Is No Earth B


There Is No Earth B is a leaderless people’s movement, consistently working on the ground since 2018, with an ever-growing group of volunteers who passionately commit themselves to advance decentralized climate actions. Their motto has been to support, encourage and facilitate the way for inclusive, organic, and decentralized climate action and advocacy. Driven by the organic participation of all the stakeholders, the movement, There Is No Earth B, tends to steer towards a more sustainable and equitable planet.


  • 319 clean-up drives spreading across India were conducted by the There Is No Earth B volunteers. Some cities where clean ups were conducted include New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bangalore, Andamans, and various towns in Uttarakhand.
  • TINEB volunteers have also coordinated sending of plastics collected from clean-up drives in the national capital, to the Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) that further upcycles and recycles these plastics.
  • There Is No Earth B also ensures that all the plastics collected from its clean-up drives are carefully segregated based on their reusability. It has also collaborated with other environmental advocacy groups and conducted joint clean-up drives.
  • The organization is committed to weekly clean-up drives in areas such as Sanjay Van and the Yamuna Bank periodically. The clean-up drives in far-off areas are conducted whenever the group visits places and organizes various other activities like Nukkad Natak etc as well.


  • “There Is No Earth B”, has conducted workshops on environmental awareness in schools.
  • “Waste to Art” sessions were also organized as a source of eco-friendly learning during the lockdown.
  • There Is No Earth B has also organized sessions of “Mental Health” for eco-anxiety and various other issues.

Sprawling over a large forest area near Vasant Kunj in South Delhi, Sanjay Vann is a thickly wooded area that serves as the city’s green lungs. Stretching over 3 sq. km. of area, the forest is home to several avifauna species and diverse varieties of trees. Because of the same, Sanjay Vann is frequented by a lot of birdwatchers and also cyclists who come here to ride in and breathe fresh air in the morning. The forest, which is part of the Mehrauli South Central Ridge, has undergone severe degradation in recent times with the proliferation of the Prosopis juliflora tree which is non-endemic to the Aravalli Ranges and has caused depletion of the groundwater level, killing native flora and changing the natural soil characteristics of the Aravallis. Sewage water and effluent which is discharged into Sanjay Vann has also affected this green belt in the Capital. As per the news report, the base of the trees at Sanjay Vann is already choking with concrete around it.


Experts have already warned that “Forest areas should be left untouched, as we don’t have a lot of genuine forest area left in the capital city. Nature trails are already there in Sanjay Vann and anything beyond that would be an invasion of forest land.” Several environmental groups, nature lovers, citizens from every walk of life have taken it upon themselves to save the city’s green belts by initiating regular weekly clean-up drives to clean the Sanjay Vann.

To Protect these green lungs of Delhi, There is No Earth B has been conducting a campaign, including an email petition which now has 735 signatures, being sent to the DDA, the CM office and Deputy Chief Minister's Office and LG's Office.

Unfortunately, the DDA has gone ahead with its eco-tourism plan despite these emails and contradictory views of environmental experts and volunteer groups.

There Is No Earth B continues to garner support for this campaign and continue its efforts to #SaveSanjayVann.

Celebrities who have been consistently raising their voices for climate action and sustainability, Ms. Dia Mirza and Ms. Bhumi Pednekar, have shared our petition to Save Sanjay Vann today, which is hopefully going to raise awareness and bring this to the attention of more citizens.


  • Have fun!

  • No talk or mention of religion during the event

  • No talk or mention of any non-environmental political topics during the event

  • Everyone is here in an individual capacity, fulfilling their fundamental duty towards the environment.

  • Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

  • Irrespective of pre-cleanup commitments, collaborations will only be valid after verification of ground delivery.

  • We take the safety and experience of our teammates very seriously. Action will be taken against anyone who makes you uncomfortable. Please report

  • Donations are not refundable.

  • Data collected by us will only be used for the purpose of our incorporation.

  • Contact us: thereisnoearthb [at] gmail [dot] com, 9868113891