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Assam Flood Relief

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Assam Flood Relief

A flood relief fundraiser was started by There Is No Earth B and the Save NorthEast Campaign in June to help the people in Barak Valley.

Silchar in Cachar district in South Assam's Barack Valley remained submerged, with people stranded in water-logged areas, with acute water and food crisis. There was no electricity in large parts of the town.

The Barak River, which had been swelling after incessant rainfall, flows along Silchar town. The river breached an embankment six kilometres upstream, at Bethukandi and in a day the town was submerged. Since April, the death toll due to floods and landslides in Assam has crossed 100. Over 54 lakh people in 32 of 36 districts of Assam have been impacted.

An amount of about 70,000 INR was raised.

“We have covered today Vivekananda road lane 23,26,27 by giving 100 families kits and 150 families water. Per family got 4 litres of water with 4 members. Chencoori road and das colony will be our target next if we can collect that many funds. Most funds are being used in boat vehicle and mineral water”
-on ground aid workers @SAVE_NORTHEAST_CAMPAIGN (June 27th, 2022).

The total expenditure of the 1st drive was 32,790 INR, for the second- 30,150 INR and 10,900 INR for the last drive. Relief kits which included mineral water, soaps, eatables such as potatoes, biscuits, rice, salt and dal and items such as candles, mosquito coils, matchboxes, etc were distributed.

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