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How climate change affects society in general

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How climate change affects society in general

Article by Yukti Grover

Climate change not only affects nature but society is also largely dependent on it. It promotes the biased pattern of inequality amongst different sections of society.

Many people could face challenges like poor living conditions, health adversity, and food scarcity due to climate change. And the minority communities in society are the ones in the most vulnerable situation. People living in areas prone to landslides and floods are at constant risk due to natural disturbances.

The development of society is an essential part of growth. But an unsustainable approach to that development can lead to natural mishaps. Extreme climate change is one of those mishaps which cause problems for society. Let's skim over some of those issues below -

Hotter Temperatures hindering workflow

The increase in temperature leading to hotter days can trigger heat-related illnesses. It can also form an uncomfortable environment to work in for physical labour and affect general workflow. Another notable point is that hotter climate conditions can induce more forest fires.

Storms due to increased rainfall

Changes in climate conditions can also affect the level of rainfall. It can lead to storms and floods that can further cause catastrophic destruction for people living in those areas.

Extinction of Species

Our beautiful planet is home to many living species on land and under the water. So, the effects of climate change are just not restricted to humans. It can also endanger these species by affecting their living conditions and reducing their chances of survival.

Food Scarcity

Society, of course, needs food to run. Food is a source of energy. But climate change also affects the production of food. Natural disasters like drought, floods, or extreme rainfalls can damage the crops or diminish the quality upon harvesting.

Spike in health risks

Diseases are at high risk due to the extreme shift in weather and the inability of the human immune system to cope with it. Food scarcity in rural areas is also leading to malnutrition.

Contributing to poverty

All of these situations also indirectly contribute to the factors related to poverty. Society is constantly facing these issues. We are not fully prepared to fight against them because we are the ones causing it.

Just like these, many other things are affected due to climate change. Our attention toward the environment must increase. Sensitization about climate change is the need of the hour.