There Is No Earth B
There Is No Earth B

Yellow Bags and Takeaways

Posted on by Dhrstadyumn
Yellow Bags and Takeaways

At 1500h Manas Dodhi was the first to reach Rajiv Chowk Gate number 6 the meeting point for the Cleanup at 1700h.

He had already collected the yellow compostable bags and the plastic gloves (they weigh a ton btw). At 1630h Dhrstadyumn arrived spotted Manas standing on the Dias-like structure to the left of Gate no. 6 and made a beeline for him. Both had been part of the initial Meetup and flash cleanup at Hauz Khas and so recognized each other.

By 1715h around 30 people had gathered and started the cleanup equipped with bags and gloves. Lo and behold we cleaned up the park with a Zeal only rivaled by the two kids who joined us (and were rewarded with an apple each). Those kids are the reason we need to keep fighting the good fight
:- )


1. Gloves tear easily- many had to use multiple which is counterproductive since they themselves are made of plastic. For next time we could put on two at a time to make them last longer and when our current stock is over we could use surgical gloves (or postmortem gloves as @VaibhavArora likes to call them) (they are a bit more expensive but reusable and less likely to tear)

2. People who joined after we'd already begun couldn't get bags and gloves since we were spread out over a large area. We shared bags and gloves but for next time let's hand extra bags and gloves to all initial arrivals so we have a smoother operation.

3. We underestimated the ability of humans to litter and overestimated our abilities to clean up (we had planned to clean up the entire inner circle, the park, and then go to Janpath) We managed to cover only the park.

4. Two water bottles aren't sufficient, need to bring more.

5. While picking up plastic one needs to be careful about the shards of glass almost everywhere. Fortunately, everyone was careful and no one got hurt.

6. Manas Dodhi's suggestion of using two bags for picking up plastic waste in one for the recycling and everything else in the other for the dumpster was unanimously agreed upon.

7. On a lighter (Picked up one of those too!) note Manas+Humidity = Fountain!

Wrapping up

We haven't inherited the Earth from our Ancestors we've borrowed it from our children

Thank you all for being amazing #ThereIsNoEarthB

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There just might be hope for humanity
And for Earth ğŸŒğŸŒŽğŸŒ, the only one we have.

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Cleanup 2 in Central Park by Dhrstadyumn, Vaibhav, Manas, Basil, Amit, Mayank, Manas, Shrikant, Amrendra, Muskan, Akanksha, Priya, Piyush, Kaveri, Shubhankar, Anurag, Ishan