There Is No Earth B
There Is No Earth B

Ridge Reserve Forest: Cleanup 274

Posted on by Shravya Shruti
Ridge Reserve Forest: Cleanup 274

“How do we know humans have been at someplace?

Plastic and litter have become our default legacy and trace that we leave behind anywhere we go. It's disheartening to see that Central Ridge Reserve Forest in Delhi, which would once have been (probably ages ago) a lush green clean forest, is now littered with trash and plastic. The lack of washrooms for the underprivileged in posh Karol Bagh has led to this forest wall being kept broken but painted pretty on the outside to cover up the apathy of the rich and the municipality.

Along with students of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, we removed over 106.5 kg of waste from the Central Ridge Reserve Forest on Saturday, 27th November. An effort on our part to make sure that the trace we leave behind is not plastic but a clean and green place because #ThereIsNoEarthB.”

Cleanup with @prakriti_dcac

Plastic: 31 kg

Other non-biodegradable waste: 75.5 kg

The waste was handed over to the Indian Pollution Control Association for processing.

At cleanup 274 students of DCAC removed 31 kg of plastic and 75.5 kg of other non-biodegradable waste from Central Ridge Reserve Forest. Participants included Sania, Prerna, Manas, Sonal, Riddhi, Radhika, Sahil, Oindrila, Utkarsh , Aashie, Gunjan, Nidhi, Shashank, Sanya, Samriddhi, Rupali, Pawan and Dhrstadyumn