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Punya’s Farewell Plogging Party

Posted on by Punya
Punya’s Farewell Plogging Party

Today was my last cleanup at Sanjay Vann with TINEB.

Together at drive #237, we cleared over 14.61 kg of non-biodegradable waste.

I want to address a crucial problem! Face masks that we use are supposed to protect us from diseases, and they should be disposed of properly after use. But they end up in forests, rivers, lakes, roads, etc. Which furthermore deteriorates the ecological health and is dangerous for birds and animals. Seeing this sight in the lush green forest of Sanjay van was a huge disappointment. 

However, the silver lining on the clean-up was I realized the pathways where we often conduct the clean-ups in Sanjay Vann are a lot cleaner than before. 

It was a pleasant morning, and I had a plethora of fun!! 

I would like to thank team TINEB for their painstaking efforts in planning and executing my Farewell-plogging party! I’m grateful to be a part of THERE IS NO EARTH B💚

Thank you, everyone, for making my day memorable🥺There Is No Comrade B. Keep up the great work💚

Signing off

- Comrade Punya

At clean-up 237 Punya, Sheranya, Nandini, Harinder, Dhriti, Surabhi, Sania, Aniruddho, and Dhrstadyumn removed over 14.61 kg of non-biodegradable waste from Sanjay Vann