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There Is No Earth B

Sukhna Lake: Cleanup 238

Posted on by Munmun
Sukhna Lake: Cleanup 238

How do you wish to remember your evening promenade along the placid waters of Sukhna Lake?

Scenic splendor to the sore eyes, intoxicating and dewy petrichor wafting from the soil, kids jogging along with their parents, enthusiastic runners running rhythmically along the jogging trail.

Or the park overrun by the scourge of plastic wrappers, thermocol boxes, face masks, bottles, disposable cups, and whatnot? 

The plastic waste build-up is reaching catastrophic levels in the environment despite government intervention because- we humans cannot rid ourselves of the sense of entitlement to litter along the roads, parks, or wherever we go!

In light of this, a group of conscientious and passionate individuals called There is no Earth B organizes a cleanliness drive at Sukhna Lake every Sunday at 7 am.

I am not a morning person at all and have been a night owl most of my existence. So, every Sunday morning, I like to be sprawled across the bed, in deep slumber and snoring away into oblivion. However, nudged by a friend, I decided to volunteer for the early morning cleanliness drive at Sukhna lake. It is a liberating experience to don your gloves, carry a bag, and pick litter along the vast expanse of the lake. It is even more exhilarating when the time comes to weigh the garbage we collect at the end of the session.

As someone who has recently moved to Chandigarh, it also gave me an opportunity to make acquaintances with people driven towards such thought-provoking causes.

The most enthralling part of the drive was that it drew curious glances and piqued the interests of several walkers and joggers in the park, many of whom showed a passionate interest in joining us next weekend for the drive.

Would you like to join us next weekend? Feel free to reach out to us.

At clean-up #238 Inder, Ankit, Gurpreet, Munmun, Bhawna and two others removed over 7.365 kg of non-biodegradable waste from Sukhna Lake.