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How to organize a rally/protest?

Have you ever seen a protest or a rally taking place near you or have you ever been a part of one? Protests have always been a crucial way of expressing objection against an ideology or action in our society in which people gather and show disapproval towards an act, usually a political one.

Here’s how a peaceful protest is organized by the protesters

Note: You are responsible for your actions, please acquire the requisite permissions necessary for all activities.

  1. Form a team of like-minded people and have an appropriate reason as well as objectives behind the protest or rally.
  2. Pick a place and time for the protest and make sure more and more people are available at that time and can come to the place preferably, in a public forum.
  3. Spread words about your protest through posters, newspapers, radio channels, television channels, etc. so that more and more people who aren’t aware of the issue come to know about it.
  4. Create banners, posters, etc. with a strong message and a catchy slogan that has a great impact on others.
  5. Do proper research on the issue and know your rights to effectively advocate for yourselves.
  6. Raise your voice peacefully and try to create chants like “Let’s fight for our rights”.


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