Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Ms. Sania Rehmani

To Whomsoever It May Concern

It is our pleasure to certify and endorse Ms. Sania Rehmani for all her future endeavors. We have known her since 2019 and since then she has worked in multiple roles in our organization. 

We were highly impressed by her efficiency and commitment. Ms. Rehmani has assisted There Is No Earth B to venture into different domains and has added value with her creative inputs. She solely and effectively handles the outreach of our organization. She has been extremely crucial in giving fruition to our ideas and making sure that they see the light of the day. 

She displays a high level of professionalism in all her tasks and has produced deliverables par excellence. She keeps the capability to organize and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Her innate curiosity to learn new concepts, ideas, and approaches were clearly manifested in her attitude and in the tasks assigned to her

She is very receptive and is able to grasp work and concepts quickly. She has also demonstrated exceptional skills in research and writing. She possesses good logical and analytical skills and it is reflected in the work that she produces. Her work is easy to read, concise, and coherent. She possesses exceptional graphic designing skills that have assisted our organization in communicating to our subscribers and external stakeholders very proficiently and keeping them engaged. We must mention her selfless efforts to help us during the second wave of the pandemic and reaching out to people.

She exhibits good interpersonal skills, is a great team player, and has the ability to communicate her thoughts in a lucid and coherent manner. We particularly appreciate Ms. Rehmani’s team spirit and her willingness to help her teammates without reservations. She is a valuable asset to any team. We very strongly vouch for her credentials and we give the highest possible recommendation for her ethics, character, dependability, creativity, and intellectual curiosity. 


There Is No Earth B