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for participating in 6 cleanup and awareness drives held in Sanjay Van, Yamuna Bank on 17/04/2022, 23/04/2022, 01/05/2022, 15/05/2022, 29/05/2022, 28/08/2022 He has been volunteering with There Is No Earth B (TINEB) since September 2022. During his time here, he has contributed his time and effort in the creators team and has added value to the organisation. He joined TINEB as a volunteer — participated in clean up drives in Delhi. Later, he joined the creators team as an volunteer. Along with the team, he worked on graphic designing, editing videos for reels, and worked on a YouTube video. These social media posts have helped TINEB expand its subscriber base and keep them engaged with meaningful and aesthetic content. Sarthak displays a high level of commitment in all his tasks and has consistently produced timely deliverables par excellence. He has an aptitude for quick on-the-job learning, and grasps new concepts well. His innate curiosity to learn new concepts, ideas, and approaches, was clearly visible in the attitude he displayed towards work assigned to him.

Sincerely,Place: New Delhi

There Is No Earth B Date: 28/08/2022

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